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When Should Vape Pods Be Replaced?

One of the most crucial components of vape pod ownership is knowing when to replace your pod on a vape pod device. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer; it is dependent on a variety of circumstances, including your individual vaping habits. 

However, many of us are guilty of pushing our vaping devices a bit too far, which might put your device at danger. Knowing when to change vape pods protects your equipment and keeps it from burning out or breaking completely.

When Should You Replace Your Vape Pod?

Although it is impossible to offer a precise, 100% perfect duration for replacing your pods (this varies on both your vaping habits and your device), the typical best timeframe is between three and five days depending on use. 

This is the time frame in which your typical user will consume all of their e-liquid. However, this is dependent on your device, the quantity of vape juice in your pod, and how vigorously and often you vape.

We don’t advocate using the same pod for weeks, even if you haven’t used up all of the e-liquid. This is due to the fact that the longer it is kept in the pod, the less fresh it will be. This will not harm your device… But, surely, no one likes stale-tasting vapour? 

You may also notice a decrease in performance when your e-liquid sits in your device for an extended period of time, as well as increased crackling and popping as the wick gets oversaturated with e-liquid.

So, although three to five days may seem excessive to individuals who use their vapes occasionally, it is a common practice for replacing your pods.

To further assist you, we have created a brief checklist:

1. You taste burnt or stale flavour

The most apparent clue that it’s time to replace your vape pod is if you take a puff and it tastes burned or stale. This flavour may vary in intensity, and the harder the burned taste is, the more empty your pod is.

When a pod is empty, the heating element burns out, which might result in permanent damage. So, as soon as you feel the most faint and minor burning flavour, have your pod checked out.

2. Your vape juice seems darker.

Vape juice may darken over time due to oxidation, which occurs when e-liquid comes into contact with air. While a little darkening is OK, if your e-liquid is beginning to resemble a slimy sludge rather than a fluid liquid, it is time to replace it.

Using an e-liquid that has oxidised to the point of becoming sludge will result in a less-than-pleasant taste and may harm your device.

3. Less Vapour Production and Dry Hits

If you find that your vape pod is releasing less vapour despite your best efforts, or if you are beginning to receive dry hits that cause you to cough, your vapour has most likely depleted to the final few drops.

Replace or refill your vape pod as soon as possible to prevent destroying your pod equipment.

4. No or Little Flavour

This is frequently seen in conjunction with a lack of vapour generation and/or dry hits. If the taste you’re accustomed to experiencing doesn’t come through the device and instead you get a stale flavour (or nothing! ), your vape pod may have run out of e-liquid or its e-liquid has expired.

5. Noticeable Coil Build-Up

As taste enhancers, some vape liquids include sweets and sugars. Unfortunately, when the sugars caramelise due to the heat created by the coil, they might block up over time.

This is more likely to occur when an e-liquid has passed its prime since the liquid is thicker and takes longer to vaporise, allowing the e-liquid more opportunity to caramelise when exposed to the coil’s heat for a longer period of time.

We hope the tips above would be helpful, though at times, Relx vape pods are beyond fixing hence need to be replaced eventually.