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How To Vape Properly: A Beginner’s Guide To Vaping

Feeling tired of making late-night runs to buy another pack? Or, can’t fathom spending so much money on the durries? Thousands of Australians are enjoying a breath of fresh air and less stress on their wallets when they learn how to vape properly.

In recent years, vaping has become one of the most effective smoking cessation devices you can rely on. Vapers from Sydney to Perth have also discovered exciting flavours to complement their dynamic lifestyles. While vaping can appear a little overwhelming at first, with My RELX Store’s intuitive vape kits and our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to vape, you’ll be ready to blow clouds from your first puff effortlessly. Read on to vape on!

What is vaping?

Unlike smoking, where the carbon in tobacco leaves is burnt to emit smoke with the use of endless toxic chemicals to slow its burn rate, vapes vaporise your e-liquid to turn it into the vapour you can taste.

Learning how to use a vape is hassle-free once you get the basics down. Depending on your device, simply attach a pre-filled pod or tank into the body that holds its battery and draw to create a satisfying exhale of vapour.

Choosing your device

The key to figuring out how to vape properly is to decide what type of vaping rig best suits your needs, as well as the level of simplicity, complexity and customisation. Some types of vapes include:

  • Pen vapes — With a form that feels similar to a cigarette in hand, pen styles are most often the first device beginners learn how to vape with. Either short or long and cylindrical shaped, they offer a compact design that comfortably fits between your thumb and forefinger. Draw or button activated, they’re popular for their intuitive design that doesn’t require adjusting settings.
    Pen vapes work with either a tank system that requires you to fill them with your e-liquid flavour of choice and may require you to change the coil, while pod pen vape options allow you to simply swap out a pre-filled or refillable pod for another.
  • Pod mods — Sitting halfway between a pen vape and a mod kit, pod mods allow you to conveniently exchange pods when needed and enable you to customise your vaping experience by adjusting the wattage and several other settings.
    Pod mods can be controlled by their integrated buttons and a display that gives you information about their active use, including the number of puffs taken. While relatively user-friendly, many require you to get your hands dirty by changing the coil.
  • Mod kits — Designed to give you a heightened experience where every setting and even its parts can be customised and changed, mod kits are best suited for advanced vapers who know how to use a vape’s temperature control settings, as well as identify which wattage they can select for their installed coil.

Whether you’re just starting out with vaping or looking to change your current device, My RELX Store is the easy and obvious choice. With lasting battery life, sleek designs and the convenience to pop in a new pod flavour, our Classic, Phantom and Infinity models make the perfect device for vaping at work, at nights out or just relaxing at home.

Selecting your e-liquid flavours

Your vape juice is one of the few things you have to replace when vaping; it’s what creates its billowing clouds of vapour and delectable flavours. If you’re refilling a tank yourself, you’ll first need to prime the cotton wick of your coil before pulling open the rubber gasket on the top, side or bottom of the unit and refill to 90% full to allow air to circulate.

If you don’t want to be left cleaning up after spills, priming coils and juggling cumbersome bottles on the go, our RELX pods are pre-filled and ready to vape from the moment you insert them into your device’s body. With a 1.9 ml capacity or 650 puffs in each pod, you can enjoy a satisfying vape from day to dark with your Classic, Phantom or Infinity system.

Whether you’re a fruit fanatic lusting over watermelon, pineapple and orange soda or you crave the cooling finish of ice tobacco — we have 21 flavours for you to discover, so there is always something fresh to try.

How to draw the perfect puff

For many smokers, getting used to vaping can take a minute to get used to — finding yourself having a little cough is very normal. Vaping is a different experience to smoking, you no longer have to pull and drag the smoke through the cigarette. Simply and gently inhale and hold the vapour into your mouth for more balanced vapour production, or for larger plumes, take in a large draw and breathe it into your throat before exhaling.

Now that you know how to vape properly, you’ll be blowing doughnuts, puffing the dragon and doing other vape tricks in no time!

How to care for your vape

To ensure you can enjoy a long-lasting vape, a little TLC goes a long way to helping you extract the full impact of flavours from your e-liquids. For easy maintenance, try using an earbud or tissue to wick away condensation between the connections of your pod and the device’s body. To maintain the battery’s full charge and capacity, try to charge it when it has nearly depleted, not when it has completely died.

Enjoy a hassle-free vape at My RELX Store today

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