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Vaping Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts When Using RELX in Public Spaces

Vaping is becoming more popular in Australia, making it vital to grasp the complicated etiquette guidelines. These norms are advocated among novice and expert vapers to keep you and others safe and comfortable. 

Here are our top vaping tips for on-the-go


1. Show consideration for others

This rule matters most. Vaping is different from smoking cigarettes, yet not everyone wants to be near someone who smokes a vapour product.

You should also consider your vaping flavour choice in public. Vape juice comes in a wide variety of tastes to improve the vaping experience. There are pleasant flavours like mixed berry, apple, and peach and refined ones like coffee cake and Turkish baklava for every personality. Certain scents may overwhelm certain individuals in public. Choose a softer vape pod like apple, watermelon or peach which may be a bit better in public.

2. Only vape where it’s allowed

Vaping in Australia is regulated. Some venues are smoke-free, while others allow vaping. Check ahead to be sure you’re doing the appropriate thing as each place is different. Use vaping only where allowed.

3. Honour personal space

Sometimes standing too close to others causes problems. While they may not mind what you’re doing, being too close means they’ll inhale vapour clouds potentially. The public would also assume vaping is as hazardous as smoking cigarettes. 

4. Clean your vapes

This matters to all users. Clean your vape items periodically to eliminate residue and avoid bacteria growth. These include vape pens, refillable box mods, and others. Sweet e-juice tastes muck coils faster than others, leaving an unpleasant taste that overpowers any e-liquid.

The atomiser, drip tip, and batteries should be cleaned. This will help your vape function better every time for a better experience. 

5. Get permission before vaping

Asking permission before lighting up your vape pod in public is a good habit. This inquiry may seem needless, but it allows anyone around you to refuse or relocate if they don’t want to inhale the vapour. 

6. Properly dispose of vape products

When you’re done with your equipment, properly dispose of it and its pieces. Don’t leave them in public for others to tidy up.


1. Blowing vapour in faces

Being blown vapour in the face is unpleasant and harmful. Even if others are doing it, blowing your clouds in their faces is disrespectful. Turn and face the other way to be polite.

2. Leave vaping supplies around

Don’t leave used vape pens, coils, e-juice, tanks, and other equipment in public. This is messy and disrespectful to the public.

3. Vape in banned areas

Make sure the location you wish to vape allows e-cigarettes. Never use electronic cigarettes in a smoke-free zone inside or outdoors. Many indoor and enclosed outdoor public venues expose individuals to second-hand vapour clouds. Move on if a place has a vaping-free healthcare sign.

4. Vape without ventilation in tight spaces

Smoking tobacco, vapes, and hookahs in a confined, unventilated environment is dangerous. This might be a small bedroom without windows, a public restroom, or an elevator.

5. Public transportation vaping

Australia bans vaping on buses, trains, trams, taxis, and Uber. Airports, train station platforms, tram shelters, and bus shelters are generally no-vaping zones. Each state and territory has distinct restrictions, so check beforehand.