Vaping Experience with RELX Infinity

If you’re looking for an excellent vaping experience with critically-acclaimed specs, then RELX devices, specifically the RELX Infinity, will surely suit your needs.

With its innovative design, you can mainly expect to get more than just a vape. Rather, RELX Australia will provide you with a functional puffing device.

RELX Infinity lives by three standards: Efficiency, Infinite Utility, and High Performance. With the combined hi-tech features and extraordinary design, you are in for a distinct user experience. This applies to the puffs, battery life, and even the taste.

If you want to know more about RELX Infinity, then refer to the following sections for more critical details.

What to Expect from RELX Infinity

What to Expect from RELX Infinity

RELX Infinity offers modern vaping features. When put side to side with the RELX Classic, you will surely find this more advanced because of its design, charging controls, and connections.

Here are some specs that you should expect from it:

Vibration Alerts

RELX Infinity comes with a SmartPace Alert System. This is responsible for monitoring how many puffs you make in a certain period and notifying you through vibrations if you take too much. Currently, the system is set to provide alerts if it detects more than 15 puffs in 15 minutes.

Smooth Puffing Performance

To enable a smooth puffing performance, fixed settings are installed in the system. These include:

  • Maximum of 55 Vapor Temperature
  • Less than 10db Inhalation Sound
  • Enhanced Draw Resistance
  • Fast Activation System
  • Rich Vapor

Basically, RELX Infinity will come in a hi-tech pod consisting of innovative functions. It assures a quiet puffing sound, easy start-up, and a battery life of at least 3 days.

Intuitive Vaping Technologies

The model is equipped with two specific vaping technologies. These are Air Boost and Active-Steam Pro.

The Air Boost Technology allows negative pressure, which is why you can expect a controlled intake. This is also a much better ventilation form for the lungs.

The Active-Steam Pro Tech, on the flip side, allows better atomization. It will help result in more vapor and higher air quality.

Simply put, it’s evident that RELX Infinity stands out more than Classic because of the features incorporated in the model itself.

RELX Infinity Design

RELX Infinity Design

The design of RELX Infinity is worth commending. It comes in an aluminum and symmetrical unibody pod. With rounded edges, you can assure a more comfortable grip even in long-term use.

Not only that, but it also guarantees stronger durability because it’s made with Tritan Plastic. This means that it is BPA-free, impact-resistant, and lightweight, all contributing to the design’s overall quality. It further comes with a technology for Short Circuit Protection to avoid electrical issues and hazards.

Another notable accessory is Infinity’s LED Light. This is a modern color-changing indicator that you can count on to better keep track of the device’s current status. This is also where you’ll look at during the charging process.

For your assurance, it showcases a CE-RoHS Certification. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the pod carrying harmful chemicals and other biological risks.

Awarded Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award, an achievement especially given to outstanding and top-notch products, was given to RELX Infinity in 2020. This is a big thing because this means that even vape experts are satisfied with what the model can give.

According to the award’s judges, RELX Infinity won because of the combined sophistication, functionality, and practicality of the model and its features. These standards allow the e-cigarette to perform precisely what it claims to and more.

Apart from the focus on features, the minimalist aesthetic brought by the model is also undeniable. With the balanced color scheme consisting of aluminum silver and matte black/silver/red, it allows it to show off a timeless design that legal vape users of all ages and tastes will like.

Overall, RELX proves once again why it’s the leading Asian brand in terms of e-cigarettes.

History of RELX Infinity

History of RELX Infinity

RELX Infinity was first released by the brand in June 2020. Its actual production, however, didn’t come as easy as a lot of people may think. The success only came after 380 tireless days of conducting a total of 59 experiments and comparisons with at least 12,000 pods.

The brand’s development team surely found it worth it, though, because, in the same year, they were given the Red Dot Design Award for the said model.

At the present, RELX Infinity is available in all Asian countries, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Australia, and most recently, some parts in South America.

The only drawback is it isn’t available in the United States yet. Hence, if you’re from the said state, you may have to avail of international shipping from those with authentic retailers.

Reinvented User Experience

The features and design are separate things. What’s most important is the general user experience that you can get from RELX Infinity.

For one, RELX Infinity mainly takes pride in its reinvented user experience. The existing comfort in vaping is further enhanced by the model through its intuitive offers.

Some things that greatly helped are the vibration system and flatter mouthpiece. Although you may find that the pod doesn’t come with an ergonomic-focused structure provided in RELX Classic, you’ll surely find this more comfortable to use because of better stability.

Users also like how quiet the puffing system is despite the defined and overflowing vapor from the balanced atomization. Surely, the wireless charging system is also a big plus.


RELX Infinity Pods are one of a kind.

By getting a pod from RELX Australia, you’ll get more than just a simple vape contrary to other brands. Its features are designed to give the user extreme functionality settings. For instance, the design guarantees a long battery life, puffing alerts, maintained temperature, and a lot more.

What makes the model more distinct is its Red Dot Design award for its extraordinary Relex Infinity designlink.

Overall, you can rest assured that RELX Infinity stays 10/10 in vape recommendations from experts. It’s a cost-efficient model that will fit both beginners and veterans in the device.