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How To Handle A Sore Throat From Vaping

Between blowing clouds of smoke in the middle of busy work days and overwhelming social calendars, you might be feeling a little irritation in your throat. Whether you’ve just switched to vaping or are a long-time vaper jumping between different flavours, it’s easy to take a casual habit a bit too far and ask, “can you get a sore throat from vaping?”

Millions of Aussies have given dirty durries the boot, with more people discovering the joys and advantages of vaping. To ensure you get the most out of your vaping, prevent getting a sore throat from vaping and learn how to cure a sore throat from vaping, check out our guide below.

Getting over a smoker’s cough

Congratulations, you did it! Jumping off cigarettes is a feat, whether it’s a few sticks or a pack-a-day habit. However, it can take time for your body to catch up to a smoke-free lifestyle. Cilia, the tiny hairs in your lungs designed to collect contaminants, become flattened by cigarette tar. Depending on your use, after a month of quitting, your cilia will start to recover while mucus begins to clear, causing you to cough — so a sore throat from vaping may have actually been caused by smoking cigarettes.

You’re hit by ‘vaper’s tongue’

Sometimes too much of a good thing is bad. Vaper’s tongue is an informal condition where excessive and prolonged sessions temporarily cause you to lose your sense of taste. This occurs when your mouth becomes dry from lack of hydration and constant breathing in air, which prevents the production of saliva, which is necessary to support the function of your taste buds.

Poor vaping technique

Many people can be faced with a coughing fit the first time they try to blow clouds and be left asking can you get a sore throat from vaping? Breathing in vapour too intensely can irritate your throat and leave you with a poor experience. To vape like a pro, breathe in the vapour slowly, channelling the smoke in the lower chamber of your mouth and allow it to rest for a minute or so before releasing a billowing puff.

Using the wrong technique can alter your experience and give you a poor experience you may wrongly attribute to vaping. Vape juice blends with an even ratio of VG and PG are typically designed for mouth-to-lung vaping to balance vapour production and flavour. Higher VG mixes are best suited to sub-ohm and direct-to-lung vaping that allows you to produce cascading plumes of smoke.

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better — a larger wattage session won’t create more potent flavours and larger vapour but burn out your coil sooner and deliver a warm-tasting vapour that’s less enjoyable.

With the supreme collection of juices at My RELX Store, we’ve developed our blends to match every style of vaping, so whether you prefer to take short puffs or enough to fill the room, you can vape easily and happily every time.

Burning up your coils

If you’ve been reusing your pods and coils too frequently, your coils may become burnt, leading to poor flavour and smoke production as well as irritating your throat. An expired coil is easy to notice; the flavours you have come to love will taste like they have spent 10 hours too long in the oven.

Trying to get the last drop of juice? If the pod’s coil isn’t saturated with e-liquid, it could lead to a dry hit that irritates your throat and triggers a coughing fit. The remedy? My RELX Store makes it easy to update and swap out your flavours and ensure they deliver a punch of fruity flavour without a second thought. The best thing? Many are compatible with various RELX devices, so you can puff away without a care.

How to cure sore throat from vaping

Want to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your vape like other My RELX Store vapers? Follow our hot tips below:

  1. Drink your eight glasses of water a day — Staying hydrated will prevent your mouth from drying, so you can support your taste buds in tasting the flavours of your meals and vape juice.
  2. Take breaks between puffs — Constantly vaping draws more air into your mouth, which could dry it out and trigger irritation. Take a brief pause to give your mouth time to recover between hits. It will also prevent you from growing bored of vaping the same flavour for too long.
  3. Slowly draw in vapour — Slowly inhaling your vape’s smoke will allow you to savour its flavour and coat your mouth with its delectable blends.
  4. Replace your pods and coils — Your coils have a limited lifespan. Replacing them as often as needed will ensure you can vape on the most potent flavours.

Bid farewell to a vaper’s sore throat with the help of My RELX Store’s devices

Want to experience decadent flavours without a harsh hit on your throat? With our handy guide and the intuitive range of vapes and pods from My RELX Store, you can enjoy an effortless and smooth vape every time.

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For more information, we invite you to review our blog and FAQs, and if you need device recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team — we’re always here to help.