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Relx Infinity Pods(3 Pods)

RELX Infinity Pods Package includes:
  • 3 Pods in a pack(1 Flavour)
  • 1.9ml of Pod Capacity
  • 650 puffs per Pod
  • 35 Flavour
Compatible Devices:

Relx Infinity Mixed Pods(3 Pods)

RELX Infinity Pods Package includes:
  • 3 Pods in a pack(Mixed 3 Flavours)
  • 1.9ml of Pod Capacity
  • 750 puffs per Pod
  • 35 Flavours
Compatible Devices:    

Veex V5 Pod (3 pods)

Brand: TAKI (Veex) 维刻 Package includes:
  • 3 Pods in a pack
  • 1.9ml of Pod Capacity
  • 650 puffs per Pod
Compatible Devices:  

Enjoy tantalising flavours with the best RELX Infinity Pods in Australia

Take your tastebuds on a journey and jump on the latest releases from MY RELX. From zesty, fruity numbers to refreshing teas and brooding tobacco styles, RELX Infinity Pods are fast becoming the new go-to. Explore the range today, find a unique flavour (or three!), and give yourself a tasty delight.

With delectable tipples waiting for you to feast on, there is nothing like a RELX Infinity Pod. Blended to perfection to give you a satisfying vapour, you can enjoy mouth-coating flavours that billow out as you vape. Whether you like to vape stealthily or want an experience similar to the draw of a cigarette, your tastebuds will be tickled as you devour classic favourites and sample exciting new mixes you haven’t tried before.

For the summer lover, enjoy a tropical concoction that will hit the sweet spot. Choose tart passionfruit, zingy lychee or puff on a refreshing combo of pineapple and creamy coconut. Life can get busy and chaotic, so sit back with a mellow jasmine tea or fuel up with an iced latte RELX Infinity Pod. If you’ve had a busy day in the office, cool down with a chilling menthol or add refreshing spice with a sparkling coke variety.

Get the best smoke with RELX Infinity Pods 

Whether you’re looking to replenish your supplies or pick out a new combination to try, you’ll satisfy every craving with the selection from the MY RELX online store. From mixed three-pod sets to 21 and 45-piece bundles, you can vape endlessly with RELX Infinity Pods in your kit. Shop the entire range today or for more information, review our FAQs and blog to stay ahead of vaping culture. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch —we always want to help.


What devices are compatible with RELX Infinity Pods

Offering exceptional versatility, our ecosystem of RELX Infinity Pods is backwards compatible, allowing you to use them with your 5th and earlier generations of the RELX Essential, Phantom and Infinity devices.

How long does a RELX Phantom pod last?

Delivering up to 750 puffs and 1.9 mL of flavour-boosted e-liquid, each RELX Infinity Pod will allow you to enjoy a long-lasting smoke over a couple of days for the casual vaper.